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Welcome to the new photo site of Comfort N'Joy Crochet, effective January, 2016. Here you will find photos and descriptions of my creations, from (eventually) the late 90's to the present day.  Since I will no longer be updating my blogspot blog (2010-15), all photos from that blog will also appear here.  Photos of 90's to 2009 projects, from my web site "The Evergreen Refuge", will eventually appear here also.

I will take custom orders for certain items, especially afghans, scarf/hat sets, baby items and doilies.  If you don't have my E-mail address or Facebook link, you may leave a message on my guestbook at evergreenrefuge.org.  Sadly, I've had to remove the guestbook link on this album, due to spammers.

Thank you for visiting, and God bless!  Teresa


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